I am an accredited adventure site guide specialising in mountain guiding up to 2700 metres above sea level. I have certified First Aid qualifications and years of hiking experience. I grew up in Norway, surrounded by mountains and sea.

To me, the outdoors provide happiness, consolation and inspiration. Nature can be soothing and mesmerising. Sometimes merciless and brutal, yet without opinion or judgement. It is ours to protect and preserve. 

I have previous work experience from the film industry and the IT-sector in Sweden. I worked for the UNDP, the Desmond Tutu Peace Trust, the Robben Island Museum and Philani Child Health Centre in Khayelitsha. My academic background is Media Technology (Sweden) and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam.

Cape Town has been my home since 2004. I love it here. - Pernille Stallemo